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Even before our team launches the production of a project, we make a comprehensive verification of all details, as engineering drawings. We are able to assess the feasibility of your project, in addition to providing you with valuable advice, based on our extensive expertise.

To Reduce Cost

Coating a piece of metal with a molten zinc layer will enable you to generate significant savings on maintenance.
This procedure effectively slows down the corrosive process


Give your piece of metal an aesthetic appearance.

Whether with colour, anodization, plating or any other available technique, we love to take up a challenge!

Paintwork service

Colourful looks

Give your metal piece a special aesthetical look. Available to you: electrostatic powder coating, liquid coating, e-coating process, etc.

Galvanization service

You don’t want a product that will suffer from corrosion. This is why Entreprises Alliées takes great care to galvanize your metal pieces, adding a layer of molten zinc that will ensure durability.

Anodization service

Combining the pleasant with the useful

Prevent corrosion, wear and heat to damage your metal piece. Anodization is a surface treatment that is not only very efficient, but also long-lasting and beautifying.

Thermal treatment service

By means of the heat treatment of your metal piece, we will be able to give it the desired shape and appearance.

Plating service

Changing looks

Thanks to our metal plating technique, your piece of metal can change appearance and withstand the test of time. This is an interesting solution when considering your sheet metal transformation options.

Other services upon request

Regardless of the scope of your project, we have all the required resources to create the metal pieces you need, event the most unique ones. Ask, and you will receive.